Baidu Science and Technology Campus, Beijing, China

Location: Beijing, China
Site Area: 6.5 ha
Building  Area: 170,120 sqm
Client: Baidu Group

Beijing Baidu Science and Technology Park will be built in the Beijing Zhongguancun Software Park (West expansion zone) C-1, N-2, N-3, N-4, and N-5 block as the future expansion of the headquarters of Beijing Baidu in order to meet the office space needs of the R & D team and other management teams. The overall construction is defined as a cluster of 7 story buildings with about 170 000 square meters of above ground floor area. Based on existing site conditions, we created a large-scale oval open park in the center of all separated lots, to maximize the interface between the architecture and nature. This solution optimizes the integration of separated building blocks at different construction phases to shape the unique“Baidu Place”within the overall software park.